Studio Review: Tangerine Hot Power Yoga in Brooklyn

I've been wanting to check out Tangerine Hot Power Yoga since the beginning of this year, and I am so glad I was able to squeeze a visit in. Since I traveled with 3 other yoga teachers from Melt this time around, I wanted to make sure we hit a good hot yoga studio. As...

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July Free Class: Lululemon Polaris

Hi! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted... so, a quick update, as I've been ridiculously busy with work and everything yoga! Another NYC Yoga weekend is planned for August - more studio reviews coming soon! Finalizing travel plans to  Ibiza,...

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Studio Review: Ishta Yoga in NYC

Back in March, I signed up to take a class with Marco Rojas. Fortunately, it was cancelled.  I say this because I was planning to run a half marathon the next day, and now that I have taken his class & know how hard it is... it was a blessing in disguise!...

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Studio Review: Dharma Yoga Center in NYC

After running 4 miles, taking a yoga class at laughing lotus, then at Y7 STudio, THEN going out for dinner and drinks until midnight the day before... My internal clock woke me up at 7:30 am, and I could not get back to sleep. Yes, my body was sore. Yes, my eyes were...

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Studio Review: Y7 Studio in NYC

As a hot yoga teacher, I am always looking for other studios that offer hot yoga. The studio I teach at is unique - 99 degrees, 60% humidity, dimly-lit yoga... While it's a little harder to take a class like this, it's also a safe/non-judgmental place to practice....

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Studio Review: Laughing Lotus in NYC

When ultimately choosing what studios to check out while traveling, I rely heavily on locals, friends, and my own encounters/knowledge of teachers. I generally like to let fate lead me to the right places at the right time, as it never disappoints. With that being...

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Yoga Workshop: Matt Giordano

This past weekend, I attended a weekend workshop with Matt Giordano. A local studio always hosts really great teachers, and after a little research, I absolutely had to learn from this handstand master! I took the 3 workshops below: Shoulders: Boundless Freedom: 2...

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Weekend Update: Blowout Bar & Wedding Season

This past weekend was such a blast! My cousin is getting married in a few weeks, and we celebrated her bachelorette party by getting our hair done, eating cake, and dancing! To start off, we went to The Blowout Bar - a salon that solely does hair styling! I personally...

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1/2 Marathon PR in NYC + Thailand & Ibiza

A few things: St Jude is awesome Running through Times Square when it's shutdown is amazing I PR'ed my half marathon time by 1.5 minutes I'm pretty sure I'll be living in NYC in the next year or 2 because I love it so much Vacations are never vacations for me I need...

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Arm Balance Workshop

Hi! As promised, I have been working on putting on more inversion workshops for all you wonderful Yogis! Sunday, March 13th @ 1pm - Learn the basics of Crow & Arm Balances! This workshop is perfect for anyone, whether you can do an arm balance or not. It's all...

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Yoga for St Jude

Hello! With 1 month away from my half marathon in NYC, I have been working hard on putting together an event to raise money for St Jude. So far, I am only about halfway to my first goal of raising $1500 for the children of St Jude ($2500 being my stretch goal!)....

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