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Corporate Yoga Classes:


1 hour & 15 minutes: Begins with 10 minutes of meditation and ends with 10 minutes of Savasana. Different types of yoga offered:

Yin – stretching

Vinyasa flow – 1-breath 1-movement, fast-paced

Power flow – holding poses for 5 breaths

Cardio flow – mix of power yoga & body-strengthening exercises

Cost: $150


1 hour class: 20 minutes allocated to teaching a variety of meditation techniques and 40 minutes of guided meditation.

Cost: $100

Stress Relief:

1.5 hour class: First half of the class is dedicated to guided meditation, visualization, goal setting, and breathing exercises. There is a 10 minute break in between, and a slow-paced yoga class will be taught the last half of the class.

Cost: $150

Private Yoga & Personal Training Lessons:

Each session is 60 minutes and will be provided at the clients house, local studio, or via Skype. Mats and exercise equipment is provided as needed for in-person appointments.

  • First appointment: Create goals based on individual’s needs. Goals will be re-visited and changed over time as you progress in your practice:
    • Learn basic yoga poses/exercises & modifications
    • Build a strong foundation so individual feels confident to attend yoga classes/workout at home and gym
    • Create your own yoga flow/exercise routine to practice at home
    • Build overall strength


60 Minute Session: $80

Five 60 Minute Sessions: $375 ($75/session)

Ten 60 Minute Sessions: $700 ($70/session)

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