Recovery: Months 2-3

ACL Post-Surgery 13-14 weeks

Hi! Lost of traveling this past weekend, and my schedule has been crazy! I missed last week, so I am just combining the past 2 weeks below 🙂 13-14 weeks Post-Op Summary PT tested my knee with a Stryker Knee Laxity Testing Instrument - this measures the...

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ACL Post-Surgery 3 Months

3 months! One more month until I can run! I have been having pain around the incision area when I walk, to the point that I am limping to not put weight on my knee. This only happens sporadically, and I am wondering if its muscle or bone pain (where the dr drilled...

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ACL Post-Surgery 11 weeks

Almost 3 months post-op! Summary is below 🙂 11-week Recap Saw my surgeon on Monday - he said my knee looked great! Still a little swelling, but it should go away soon. The pain under my knee cap is caused by weakness in my quad, and it will eventually go away. No...

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ACL Post-Surgery 10 weeks

10 Weeks Post-Op! Great things happening... see below for recap 🙂 10-week Recap Reached full flexion/ROM (After walking on treadmill)... Finally! I have really struggled with getting my heel to my butt, but I can now get full ROM after a decent workout filled with...

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ACL Post-Surgery 9 weeks

I wish I had more to report, but I feel like week 9 was the same as week 7 & 8. My ROM has pretty much stayed the same, and no change in how my scars look. Recap is below! Week 9 Summary Better strength & Flexibility Different exercises in PT Still a little IT...

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ACL Post-Surgery 2 Months

I have been waiting until after my PT appointment to write this, to see if I there were any updates.... but there aren't. Knee is still truckin' along, about the same as week 7. I notice I have good days and bad days, and it just fluctuates depending on how active I...

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