Flotation Therapy + Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This past week has been an absolute whirlwind - between running 17+ miles for my half marathon training, I picked up another yoga class to teach on Sunday, booked my flights for March (Florida & NYC!!!), had a long-overdue christmas party at my apt...

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Arctic Zero Ice Cream Giveaway!

After a long day at work this past Tuesday, I came home to a big box sitting on my doorstep. Normally I just order a ton of stuff on amazon for myself, so I was super excited to see something that I didn't order! Arctic Zero was nice enough to send me a box full of...

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Crockpot BBQ Short Ribs

So my sister & her husband run this amazing farm out in Pennsylvania, and I always buy her meat (basically the happiest cows on earth). The last time I placed an order, I decided to be adventurous and buy some ribs. Problem is, I have never cooked ribs... and I...

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Sweet & Creamy Root Vegetable Soup (Paleo!)

Hello! Ever since I got back from Europe, I have been wanting to re-create a recipe for a soup that I had while in Chamonix, France: Beet Soup. It sounds gross, but it wasn't ALL beets - it was potatoes, and shallots, and red wine vinegar... and it was sweet and salty...

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Paleo Protein Bar Review & Giveaway: Exo

To prep for my upcoming trip to Europe, I've been stashing up on snacks and protein bars to bring with me. For the days that I will be walking around a lot, working out, unable to find food right away, I need snacks on hand to tide me over. Insert: Exo Protein Bars!...

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Paleo Banana Coffee Bread

More experimenting in the kitchen! I ordered banana flour on amazon, but unfortunately, I couldn't wait to make this bread before it came in. So stay tuned for some fun recipes in the near future! One of my favorite things to eat is banana bread. Normally topped with...

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Chocolate Salted Caramel Nutella Brownies

Soooo sometimes I like to bake... And also, when I have a bunch of things in my cupboard that I forgot about. When I run into this conundrum, I like to throw all forgotten items together and see what happens. Insert: Baileys salted caramel liqueur, trader joe's cocoa...

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We have a Winner!

Hi all! I apologize for the delay... Catching up from being out of the country last week! The winner of the RX Bar giveaway is... Jordan D! You are the winner of an RX bar sample 10 pack of all 5 flavors! Congrats! RX bar will be contacting you via email to gather...

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Protein Bar Review & Giveaway!

Hi Loves! A few weeks ago, RX Bar sent me a box of their protein bars to try - and they did not disappoint! For those of you who follow a Paleo lifestyle or have completed a whole30 before - these are apparently lifesavers. Since they only contain a minimal amount of...

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