Flotation Therapy + Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This past week has been an absolute whirlwind - between running 17+ miles for my half marathon training, I picked up another yoga class to teach on Sunday, booked my flights for March (Florida & NYC!!!), had a long-overdue christmas party at my apt with my family, tried flotation therapy, and became a [...]


Arctic Zero Ice Cream Giveaway!

AfterΒ a long day at work this past Tuesday, I came home to a big box sitting on my doorstep. Normally I just order a ton of stuff on amazon for myself, so I was super excited to see something that I didn't order! Arctic Zero was nice enough to send me a box full of [...]

Crockpot BBQ Short Ribs

So my sister & her husband run this amazing farm out in Pennsylvania, and I always buy her meat (basically the happiest cows on earth). The last time I placed an order, I decided to be adventurous and buy some ribs. Problem is, I have never cooked ribs... and I don't have a grill, which [...]