thailanda yoga retreat

Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Sometimes the world has a funny way of making your dreams come true. For the past 5+ years, I have been dreaming of traveling to Thailand. I didn't know how or when it would happen, but I hung pictures on my wall & wrote down Thailand on my bucket list. Then, I forgot about it. [...]

snorkeling phi phi island thailand

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Mid-way through my trip to Thailand,Β I accompanied my friend Heather on a scuba diving trip to Phi Phi Islands. She organized the trip in advance, and I was able to tag along as a snorkeler for an extra $25! We were staying at the Pimalai resort in Krabi, Thailand, and Scubalanta had a location within [...]

Riding Elephants in Thailand

3 years ago, I created a bucket list. And on that bucket list, I wrote "Ride on an elephant in Thailand." I also cut a picture out of a magazine and stuck it to my wall as a constant reminder that I would make it happen - and guess what. It. Actually. Happened! I had [...]