ACL Post-Surgery Week 3

3 Weeks Post-Op! I feel like time has absolutely flown by! I guess when you move slower, time really does go by faster. Recap of week 3 is below, along with a few PT exercises & what I have been doing vitamin/essential oil/nutrient wise. Below are a few pictures of 2.5-3 week post op. Bruising [...]


ACL Post-Surgery Week 2

The second week can be summed up in a few words: Pain, Progress, Ice. The more I have been going to physical therapy, the more I am motivated to get better. My second PT appointment, I was told my quad was not as strong as it should be. So every hour, I set an alarm, [...]

ACL Surgery Day 6 + Day 7 First Physical Therapy Appointment

Day 6 was probably one of the best days yet. Why is that? Because I got to finally WASH MY HAIR! After I was given the go-ahead from my doctor, I was able to take off my brace, put a trashbag around my leg and actually take a full-on shower. It was like dancing under [...]