ACL Post-Surgery 13-14 weeks

Hi! Lost of traveling this past weekend, and my schedule has been crazy! I missed last week, so I am just combining the past 2 weeks below 🙂 13-14 weeks Post-Op Summary PT tested my knee with a Stryker Knee Laxity Testing Instrument - this measures the tightness/laxity of your new ACL compared to your other knee, [...]


ACL Post-Surgery 3 Months

3 months! One more month until I can run! I have been having pain around the incision area when I walk, to the point that I am limping to not put weight on my knee. This only happens sporadically, and I am wondering if its muscle or bone pain (where the dr drilled into my [...]

ACL Post-Surgery 11 weeks

Almost 3 months post-op! Summary is below 🙂 11-week Recap Saw my surgeon on Monday - he said my knee looked great! Still a little swelling, but it should go away soon. The pain under my knee cap is caused by weakness in my quad, and it will eventually go away. No running till 16 [...]