ACL Recovery: Month 1

ACL Post-Surgery Week 3

3 Weeks Post-Op! I feel like time has absolutely flown by! I guess when you move slower, time really does go by faster. Recap of week 3 is below, along with a few PT exercises & what I have been doing vitamin/essential oil/nutrient wise. Below are a few pictures...

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ACL Post-Surgery Week 2

The second week can be summed up in a few words: Pain, Progress, Ice. The more I have been going to physical therapy, the more I am motivated to get better. My second PT appointment, I was told my quad was not as strong as it should be. So every hour, I set an alarm,...

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ACL Post-Surgery: Day 4 + Day 5 Surgeon Follow-Up

I am not going to write much in terms of what oils/vitamins I took, as it has stayed the same as the first few days, except for what i started on day 5 after my bandages were taken off. My boyfriend took me to my first surgeon follow-up appointment - I had to sit in...

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ACL Post-Surgery: Days 2-3

I will be honest - Day 2 was one of the worst for pain. I think if you have a hold on your pain meds, then it might not be such a problem. BUT. i was all over the place, trying out 2 every 4 hours, then 1 every 2 hours.. i just overall was not feeling very good. And...

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ACL Post-Surgery: Day 1

I have been waiting 5 days to write this post. 5 days! I wanted to write about my ACL experience for anyone else that will have to go through this surgery in the future, so that they know what the expect and to plan for. However, I was not anticipating how out of it I...

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ACL Surgery

Hi all! Since I found out about my ACL surgery, I have been reading up on what to expect, talking with friends who have undergone the same surgery and gathering as much information as possible. I want my recovery time to be miraculously fast, so I have been preparing...

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