Nina Elise is a certified yoga teacher & personal trainer. Following reconstructive knee surgery in 2014, she began taking yoga classes to aid in her recovery. She quickly found yoga as a way to not only rebuild her strength, but also alleviate stress and anxiety. Shortly after, she became a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, and is now able to share her love of body awareness and mindfulness through teaching yoga classes & working one-on-one with others. Understanding that every body is different, she customizes all of her classes and private sessions based on the needs of her students. She travels all over the world to learn from the best yoga teachers, combining several yoga lineages in her teaching style for a unique, challenging, and meditative practice.

Upcoming Workshop

The Anatomy of Yoga


Wednesday, December 20, 2017
8 pm-9:30 pm
Tribe 614 – Columubs, Ohio

The workshop includes a combination of meditation to slow the mind + an anatomical breakdown of a variety of poses to increase body awareness.

Cuba Cultural Yoga Trip

Experience Cuba with me! I will be teaching yoga on an upcoming trip to Cuba, featuring yoga, arts, and culture!

Includes trips to local farms, a tobacco plantation, salsa lessons, daily yoga classes and more!

The Complete ACL Surgery Recovery Guide

This e-book was created as a guide to help everyone – Adults, Kids, Athletes, and Non-Athletes – recovering from ACL surgery. After reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of what to expect, surgery options, costs & insurance, and a detailed timeline for recovery.


  • Steps to take pre-surgery
  • Questions to ask your surgeon
  • Surgery Prep
  • Weekly breakdown of recovery process
  • Weekly physical therapy Exercises
  • Pre-surgery rehab exercises
  • Yoga videos for post-surgery recovery

For only $9.99, you will have access to The Complete ACL Surgery Recovery Guide, 110 pages of research, personal experience, and information so you know what to expect at every step of your recovery!

Corporate Yoga Classes:

Yoga Classes Offered:
Vinyasa flow
Power flow
Cardio flow

1 hour class: 20 minutes allocated to teaching a variety of meditation techniques and 40 minutes of guided meditation.

Stress Relief:
1.5 hour class: First half of the class is dedicated to guided meditation, visualization, goal setting, and breathing exercises. There is a 10 minute break in between, and a slow-paced yoga class will be taught the last half of the class.

Personal Training & Private Yoga Lessons:

Each session is 60 minutes and will be provided at the clients house, local studio or gym, or via Skype. Mats and equipment are provided as needed for in-person appointments.


Yoga Pose Breakdown: Lotus

Lotus (Padmasana) It's the pose many people associate with yoga - a calm, wise-looking yogi, meditating with crossed ankles. It seems painful and impossible to get into - and while it can be if flexibility is missing in certain areas of your body - it doesn't have to...

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Yoga for Athletes

Growing up an athlete, I always struggled with flexibility. Basketball, Soccer, Track, and even Gymnastics - my body always felt stiff and limited. For anyone who has ever played sports or exercised, lack of flexibility seems to be a pretty common theme. And while you...

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6 Types of Stretching

Have you ever looked at gymnasts, dancers, or people who practice yoga and think... how the heck are they so flexible?? Yah, me too! Obviously there are hours, days, and years of stretching and practice that go into creating a body that moves like gumby, but did you...

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